Oyster Stacks is one of the incredible Ningaloo Reef snorkelling locations, easily accessed from Exmouth.

Located within Cape Range National Park, the close proximity of Ningaloo Reef to the shore at Oyster Stacks, and the prolific fish life found here, make it a popular snorkelling location for families. The shallow waters do mean that Oyster Stacks should only be snorkelled at high tide, when there is sufficient water to cover the reef; Milyering Discovery Centre and Ningaloo Centre can provide advice around tide heights and times.

Take care entering the water as the shoreline is rocky with some sharp oyster shelled areas. Enter the water at the end of the walking track and snorkel either north or south.

Fish you will commonly see at this location include Moorish Idol, Convict Surgeonfish, various sub-sets of the Parrotfish family, Lined and Racoon Butterfylfish as well as Angelfish.