Turquoise Bay was named the #1 beach in the South Pacific and #3 in the world in Trip Advisor's 2022 Travellers' Choice Awards.

Step into the pristine waters of the aptly named Turquoise Bay near the town of Exmouth and you're swimming within a few metres of Ningaloo Reef. Known as one of Australia's best beaches, Turquoise Bay is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon relaxing, swimming and snorkelling.

Turquoise Bay is accessible year-round. To get to Turquoise Bay drive 60 kilometres north-west of Exmouth into the Cape Range National Park. Visitors can fly to Exmouth with Qantas from Perth - it's 90 minutes by plane.

Turquoise Bay

When is the best time to snorkel at Turquoise Bay?

The site should be snorkelled at a high tide - 1.2 metre and above. Check the tide chart at Milyering Discovery Centre or Exmouth Visitor Centre.

This beach frequently tops the best beach in Western Australia by Trip Advisor, and is a drift snorkel spot for swimmers of moderate to high fitness and capability. Moderate/strong currents prevail through the Turquoise Bay area due to a break in the reef further out, weak or inexperienced swimmers are not advised to attempt this snorkel.

The white, sandy shores give way to stunning coral reef gardens just metres from the shore. Enter the water at the southern end of the beach and let the current take you over the reef for a fantastic snorkelling experience. Exit the water before you reach the north point of the sandbar.

Turquoise Bay Cape Range National Park

How do I do this drift snorkel?

Walk along the beach towards the southern end, enter the water and let the current take you over the reef for a fantastic snorkelling experience. You'll see colourful coral, turtles, squid, and plenty of fish - more than 500 fish species reflecting every colour of the rainbow live in and around the reef.

As you reach the sandbar, make sure to exit before the point.

Caution: Currents can be strong at Turquoise Bay; be sure to get out of the water well before the northern point of the beach.

This snorkelling site is not recommended for weak swimmers. Fins are recommended to assist in exiting the water.

If you are a novice swimmer, we highly recommend snorkelling at Lakeside or Osprey Bay.

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Tips for respecting the Reef

Watch your flippers, please! Respect for the environment is the key to keeping the coral in pristine condition. Make sure you also apply your sunscreen well in advance before entering the water so that it doesn't come off and damage the coral.