When visiting Carnarvon, take a drive along the scenic North and South River Roads, known as “The Fruit Loop” drive trail. The Drive will take you past local produce stores and working plantations, some of which run roadside stalls or shop fronts where you can purchase a wide range of preserves, dried fruits and ice-creams made fresh from seasonal fruit and vegetables.

The 26km long drive trail includes 9 locations: Tipton's Plantation Roadside Shop; Cosh Plantation Roadside Shop; Morel's Orchard; Gascoyne Biodynamic Plantation; Gascoyne Organic Farm; Pickles Point Seafood + Boatyard; Carnarvon Tackle + Marine; Bumbak's Plantation; and the Gascoyne Growers Markets. For more information and a trail map, click here.

South River Road is also home to "The Cactus Farm" which is quickly becoming #InstaFamous. That's right. In the middle of Carnarvon's sub-tropical oasis is a cactus farm. Why it’s there? It's one man's hobby garden! The first cacti was planted some 15 years ago and now there are over 30 cactus plants, some of which tower over 5m tall. Someone took a picture and put on Instagram and now every single person comes to Carnarvon Visitor Centre asking for directions. So now you know, make sure to stop by and post it on the 'gram.