9 November 2021

Stretching along 1,100km of breathtaking coastline, the pristine beaches of the Coral Coast are countless.

We are suckers for crystal clear waters, snow-white sands, colourful coral reefs and majestic marine life – and that’s why we have narrowed down our extensive list of top beaches along the Coral Coast to the top 10! Pack your beach towels and sunscreen and share with us your experience along Australia’s Coral Coast. Tag us in your posts and have the chance to feature in our weekly stories.

10. Gnaraloo Bay

A first-class surfing, kite surfing and windsurfing beach along the Coral Coast, Gnaraloo Bay resides over 57kms of breathtaking coastline. Positioned on the southern tip of the Ningaloo Reef, Gnaraloo Bay offers exceptional fishing. The inviting waters inhabit turtles, rays and colourful fish! Explore the waters by snorkelling or diving, you won’t be disappointed with what you encounter.

9. Monkey Mia

Located in the Shark Bay Marine Park, a World Heritage Site known for its red-rust dunes, stretches of white beaches and marine life-rich waters, Monkey Mia is your home away from home. Wild dolphins have been visiting the shoreline at Monkey Mia for over 50 years. Humans can interact with these gentle creatures with a face-to-bottlenose meet. These friendly mammals delight visitors with their intelligence, playfulness and grace.

8. Lucky Bay

An off-the-beaten track getaway located 30kms south of Kalbarri, Lucky Bay is a popular spot for beach campers and adrenaline lovers. You can ride your motorbike or buggy through the sandy dunes, or snorkel the spectacular reef along the length of the bay. Lucky Bay is only accessible by 4WD.

7. Paradise Beach

A spectacular beach well worth exploring. Providing clear calm waters and gleaming white sand, the uncrowded beach offers an excellent opportunity for you to snorkel amongst the abundant marine life. Paradise Beach is located in the Ningaloo Reef and tours to explore the impressive natural attraction are plentiful.

6. Sandy Cape

Secret no more – Sandy Cape is a white beach situated in a small, sheltered bay offering great swimming, snorkelling, fishing and sandboarding. Pristine dunes run the length of the beach and exploring the rocks can reveal some interesting caves and strange formations. Visitors are unable to resist photographing and posting images of this idyllic location. This hidden gem is located 10kms north of Jurien Bay and offers a first-come, first-serve beach camping too!

5. Ningaloo Reef

Ningaloo Reef is Australia’s largest fringing reef! The reef is UNESCO World Heritage-listed, and offers a heap of outdoor adventures. A snorkel and a mask are all you need to experience the colourful and pristine reef. More than 500 tropical fish species inhabit the 300-km-long reef, living in and around 300 species of coral.

4. Blue Holes

Renowned for exceptional snorkelling, Blue Holes is a fish habitat protection area and part of an inshore limestone reef system. Located along the Red Bluff/Gorge Grey Drive, Blue Holes’ protected waters and rock pools make for a natural aquarium for marine life. There are over 70 species of finfish you can swim with and a variety of sponge and coral you can discover.

3. Osprey Bay

Swimming, snorkelling, kayaking, canoeing, the list goes on! A family hot-spot known for its tranquil water conditions, Osprey Bay is a shore-based recreational zone perfect for the kids. Located in Cape Range National Park, this beach invites you to universal walk trails and native wildlife encounters such as kangaroos and echidnas!

2. Shell Beach

One of the only places on earth where shells replace beach sand! That’s right, no sand, just shells! Located in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, the snow-white beach is made up of billions of tiny shells from the Shark Bay cockle, lying up to 10m deep and stretching over 70kms . The ocean transforms into palettes of the most intense greens and blues, perfect for swimming. Shell Beach is one of the most unique beach-going experiences along Australia’s Coral Coast.

1. Turquoise Bay

Voted as one of Australia’s best beaches, Turquoise Bay is the perfect spot to spend an afternoon relaxing, swimming and snorkelling. The highlight of Exmouth’s Cape Range National Park, the white sandy shores of Turquoise Bay give way to stunning coral reef gardens and crystal-clear waters. This makes Turquoise Bay one of the Ningaloo region’s premier land-based snorkelling sites.