• Suggested Time: 5 days
  • Perth to Ningaloo

This fly-stay itinerary gives you the opportunity to discover the spectacular Ningaloo Reef region of Western Australia’s Coral Coast.

Swim with a whale shark, explore the grandiose Cape Range National Park or simply laze back on the pristine beaches in and around Coral Bay and Exmouth.

A snorkellers’ paradise, Coral Bay boasts calm, protected waters and hundreds of fish and coral species. Here, the reef spans two kilometres from the shore - an endless source of marine life. To explore further out, take a glass-bottom boat trip or join a snorkelling tour. Spend the evening watching the sunset and dining at one of Coral Bay’s great restaurants.

Meanwhile, Exmouth has a range of tours and activities available, as well as plenty of places to stay in the town, ranging from beachfront retreats, holiday park cabins, to town centre hotel-style accommodation. If you didn't swim with Whale Sharks in Coral Bay, you can do so in Exmouth from March to late July, or swim with Humpback whales from July to October. Alternatively, spend the day fishing, swimming or diving. Here's your opportunity to try one of the best diving spots in the world - the Navy Pier. Or, if conditions are right, take a day trip out to the nearby Muiron Islands. Or, spend the day exploring Cape Range National Park, either on an adventure tour or a self-drive. On the coastal side of the Park, Turquoise Bay is a must, with excellent drift snorkelling. Stop off at Milyering Visitor Centre, for an interpretation of the marine and coastal ranges environments. In the afternoon, follow the marked walk trail up into the gorges of Cape Range National Park and visit Yardie Creek, a must for walkers and nature-lovers. Head back to Exmouth before dark.