• Suggested Time: 1 - 2 days
  • Cape Range National Park

Exmouth's Cape Range National Park is home to an abundance of incredible and rare flora.

The Cape Range National Park is a spectacular national park covering 50,581 hectares of stunning limestone ranges, deep rugged canyons and 50 kilometres of pristine beach. It harbours more than 100 species of land birds, native marsupials and around 630 species of flowering plants. The brilliant red sturt desert pea, which flowers in late winter, is a particularly popular flora species here. Also look out for mulla mullas, wattles, everlastings, native fuschias, fanflowers and dampiera within the park.

Key tips and reccomendations

You'll find particularly scenic wildflower viewing areas at Mandu Mandu Gorge, Shothole Canyon, Charles Knife Canyon and Yardie Creek Gorge.

Look out for a shrubland of Cape Range kurrajongs just inside the Park. The Milyering Visitors Centre houses a library with great local flora and fauna reference resources. The white Minilya Lily may be seen in the Pilgramunna area after good rains, while coastal dunes are dotted with daisies, Portulaca and the purple Lotus Australis. Marvel at the many ficus precariously rooted on the sheer rock faces of the gorge at Yardie Creek.

A scenic boat tour of Yardie Creek is worthwhile.